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Makalu Clean Cook Stove

Makalu Clean Cook Stove Initiative

Inspired by Kit DesLauriers, the first woman to ski Mt. Everest, and supported by her friends and climbing partners whose lives have also been enriched by the people and mountains of Nepal, we are engaged in an initiative to provide the people in the region of Mt. Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world, with clean cook stoves to improve their standard of living and lessen the environmental burden on their surrounding forests and air.

Dear Pasang Doma Sherpa, daughter Kipa Sherpa, and family,
Thank you so much for helping feed me when I was sick last September 2015 and camped in your yard for 3 days.  As I left your village, I made myself a silent commitment that I would do something to show my gratitude.  Knowing that you would like a clean cook stove, I've decided to help by fundraising for stoves for as many Makalu homes as possible, and I will guarantee yours. 
In gratitude and with best wishes for good health,

Makalu, 27, 848' as seen from basecamp

While its easy to imagine the clean air of Nepal's majestic high altitude mountains, the indoor air for those who live in the foothills of these giants is often filled with smoke and ash due to the lack of clean cook stoves like in this remote region below Makalu, accessed by such treacherous foot trails that even the traditional pack animals can't get more than two or three days walk into the mountains.

A traditional home in Yangri Kharka, 12,000' above sea level, in Makalu-Barun National Park

In September 2015, Kit DesLauriers, the first person to ski the Seven Summits, attempted to climb Mt. Makalu and became seriously ill which forced her to retreat to a lower elevation.  A wonderful family in the small village of Yangri Kharka took her in and fed her for several days.  Kit was saddened by the dirty air in their homes from the open cooking fire and vowed that when she got back, she would 'give back' to them. 

Aunt in Yangri Kharka helps fan the fire with her handheld blower.

By the end of her three day stay in Yangri Kharka, Kit thought that perhaps these generous people would be interested in a clean cook stove.  Through the help of an English speaking Sherpa friend, Tenzing Gyalgen Sherpa, who had arrived to assist Kit, she asked the matriarch of the family, Pasang Doma Sherpa, if she'd appreciate and use a clean cook stove, to which the woman answered, "Yes, please."

Pasang Doma Sherpa in front of her home in Yangri Kharka, where Kit recuperated.  Pictured here with grandson.

Now word about the opportunity for clean stoves has spread throughout the 140 households situated along the trek to Makalu Basecamp.  When Tenzing Gyalgen Sherpa runs into one of the Makalu locals at a regional market, he hears that they are all wishing for a clean cook stove.  Tenzing is poised to help organize porters to carry the stoves to the Makalu Valley.  Kit has begun the fundraising by donating the first five stoves.

Each stove costs only $150 delivered and installed.

Our goal is to raise enough money to fulfill the need for clean cook stoves in all 140 households. 

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Thank you for supporting the people of Nepal.  

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