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In April of 2017, Milosz Pierwola traveled to Nepal with the Himalayan Stove Project (HSP). During his 34 days in both Kathmandu and in the Khumbu Region under the footsteps of Mt. Everest, he traveled to some of the most remote destinations where HSP stoves have been distributed. Along the way he filmed and photographed the experience, as well as recorded using 360 video technology. Now, he is part of the Himalayan Stove Project Team, producing content to raise awareness and fund raise for the 5th container and the future of HSP.

Why  HSP?

This past century, millions traveled to Nepal to visit the tallest mountain on earth. One of the most common stories you hear is the smoke indoors, inside the tea houses and homes of the Nepali Sherpa mountain people. These stories appear in the most popular books like John Krakauer's Into Thin Air, where he describes the choking acrid smoke that causes climbers to get sick as they climb in the oxygen deprived environment. 

While shocking to the tourist, this is normal for nearly all of the people who live in the Khumbu and most of Nepal. Homes are heated and food is cooked on open fires inside of the kitchen, with no proper ventilation. The result is a lifetime of choking smoke that has been identified as the #1 Environmental Hazard on earth by the World Health Organization. 

Himalayan Stove Project has succeeded in bringing over 4,000 stoves to Nepal since 2001, helping a calculated 40,000 Nepali people. HSP's donated stoves are clean-burning, fuel efficient, and ventilated. The stoves do the following:

1. Reduce smoke and harmful gasses up to 90%, then include a chimney for the rest
2. Reduce the amount of fuel needed up to 75%, which means less wood/burnables
3. and cook TWICE as fast as traditional methods! 


The goal of the Himalayan Stove Project can not be a more noble cause; to improve the lives of the incredible people who are caretakers in one of the most challenging environments in the world. These Sherpa people care for climbers and help them reach the tallest mountains safely, and now we are helping them and changing their lives permanently. 

Where will the money go?

We are now raising funds for our most ambitious goal; to deliver the 5th container full of stoves to Nepal, and to establish a budget to ensure that HSP will continue after this year. 

Until now, we have raised funds one container at a time, one stove at a time, one year at a time. However, the project has been so successful that this year the founder George Basch was awarded the prestigious Citation of Merit from the Explorers Club, the largest professional organization of explorers in the world. This recognition is one of many, and it emphasizes both the success and importance of our continued effort. We must think ahead, and now we are organizing to make permanent that which has proven to be necessary.


This is the most important year for Himalayan Stove Project, and we are using every resource we have to GET STOVES TO NEPAL. We need your help to keep going, and you can see that the results speak for themselves. 

Thank you, this is all possible thanks to donors like you and we are truly changing lives in a place that appreciates it and brings joy to so many around the world. 

Yours truly,

Milosz Pierwola
Himalayan Stove Project

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