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Your $150 Contribution Makes the Change Shown in this Picture

and transforms the life of a family in the High Himalayas forever.

Our Envirofit clean #CookStoves create a healthier home and help preserve the fragile environment of the High Himalayas. 

Here's what we do. 

What are our plans and goals?

We plan to continue what we've been doing successfully since 2011 - transforming people's lives in the High Himalayas of Nepal delivering and installing efficient Envirofit clean #CookStoves.

This improves the health of families; reduces fuel consumption (helping preserve the fragile Himalayan Environment); creates more time (particularly for the women and children) to engage in other pursuits (school, community, social activities) allowing a richer, more satisfying and productive life.

We have to date (Fall 2016) delivered almost 4,000 stoves, and, coupled with the $100,000 in earthquake relief aid (funded and deployed after the April / May 2015 earthquakes); we have impacted the lives of more than 30,000 people.

When we have achieved our goal to #ReachTheSummit of Mount Everest with clean #CookStoves, we will have delivered almost 11,000 stoves, and transformed countless more lives. 

This is an ambitious goal, but achievable with your help. Please become part of the solution.

There's a lot to share - 7 ITEMS BELOW - Scroll all the way through - So let's jump right in

#1 - These are wonderful supporters of the Himalayan Stove Project.

These wonderful supporters of the Himalayan Stove Project have established a “matching fund” and in-kind donations to double the impact of your generous donations:

  • Kahtoola
  • Hilleberg the Tentmaker
  • Mongolian Trekkers 2016
  • Rotary Club of Taos (Milagro)
  • American Alpine Club
  • Clothing Arts
  • Yale and Shanti Barbara Jones
  • Jean and Chuck Townsend
  • Backpacker’s Pantry
  • Dave and Tibby Gold
  • Allet
  • Luminaid
  • MSR-Global Health
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Yvon Chouinard
  • Sea to Summit
  • Klean Kanteen


EVERYONE has a Carbon Footprint

No matter how environmentally aware you are and how consciously you live your life,


The car you drive; the public transportation you use, the “carbon” used to manufacture and deliver your commuting bike, heating and air-conditioning your home, airplane flights you take (for work or vacation) - - - - get it?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities (expressed in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide - CO2 – a metric tonne is 2,204 English pounds, or 1.102 English tons).

The “average” American has a carbon footprint of 20 tonnes of carbon per year, and the lowest, most green, individual carbon footprint achievable in the US is 8.5 tonnes per person per year (both figures according to an MIT study).

Offsetting (a portion of) your carbon footprint is achieved by purchasing Carbon Credits. An organization called the Gold Standard facilitates this process. It’s a standard and certification organization that works to ensure every dollar of climate and development funding goes as far as it can. Endorsed by 80+ NGO’s and reviewing more than 1,100 projects in 70 countries seeking certification.

“The Gold Standard is widely considered to be the highest standard in the world of carbon offsets. It ensures that key environmental criteria have been met by offset projects that carry its label. Significantly, only offsets from energy efficiency and renewable-energy projects qualify for The Gold Standard, as these projects encourage a shift away from fossil-fuel use and carry inherently low environmental risks. Tree-planting projects are explicitly excluded by The Gold Standard. Gold Standard projects must meet very high additionality criteria to ensure that they contribute to the adoption of additional sustainable-energy projects, rather than simply funding existing projects. The Gold Standard also includes social and environmental indicators to ensure the offset project contributes to sustainable development goals in the country where the project is based. Finally, all Gold Standard projects have been independently verified by a third party to ensure integrity.”

Source: David Suzuki Foundation

Learn more about the Gold Standard at

Envirofit, our stove supplier, has three Gold Standard clean cookstove projects which generate carbon credits – in India, where they have impacted 500,000 families since 2008; in Honduras where they have impacted 200,000 families since 2013 and a project starting in Tanzania with a target of 75,000 families.

Gold Standard has verified that each stove in those projects generates $151 per year in Health, Livelihood, Employment and Carbon-Reduction benefits.

Envirofit, our stove supplier, has three Gold Standard clean cookstove projects which generate carbon credits – in India, where they have impacted 500,000 families since 2008; in Honduras where they have
impacted 200,000 families since 2013 and a project starting in Tanzania with a target of 75,000 families.

Gold Standard has verified that each stove in those projects generates $151 per year in Health, Livelihood, Employment and Carbon-Reduction benefits.

Envirofit is making these carbon credits available to our “family” as additional support from them for the Himalayan Stove Project. Envirofit retains $5 per credit to cover their costs associated with the verification, certification, and actual “retirement” of each credit and issuance of a certificate to an individual or company seeking to become carbon neutral (an “off-setter”).

The remaining amount is a philanthropic contribution to the Himalayan Stove project. You can purchase as many of these credits as you wish, through our website, to help offset your and your family’s carbon footprint (as well as for your business, or as a gift to others). You can also purchase them to offset the remaining, very small, carbon footprint of one or more stoves that we are delivering in Nepal – each stove has a carbon footprint of 2 tonnes per year.

All of us have a negative impact on the world we share together, but through this carbon credit program we can help take some of the pressure off the planet while profoundly changing the lives of entire families in Nepal.

Let's Make A Difference Together !

Purchase credits here

#3 - adidas Outdoor Has Wonderful Gifts For You When You Donate 

adidas Outdoor, our prime sponsor, has a gift card for you, equal to your donation!

  • donate $150, get a $150 gift card 
  • donate $300, get 2 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $450, get 3 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $600, get 4 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $750, get 5 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $900, get 6 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $1,000, get 6 $150 gift cards 
  • donate $2,000 get 13 $150 gift cards  

Each gift card is for a discount of the value of the card for adidas products worth twice the amount of the card (or more) from their website -

An Example - buy $320 worth of merchandise and get a $150 discount, and adidas pays shipping in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii)

#4 – A Really Great Deal for You from Clothing Arts – 15% Discount

Clothing Arts creates stylish, functional apparel to meet the needs of today's traveler. Their flagship product, Adventure & Business Traveler Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ represents the future of travel and the fusion of travel pants and the security of money-belts.

Best described as, "gear masquerading as a pair of pants," Pick Pocket Proof Pants™ are a true travel revolution and the result of years of travel knowledge and a first hand experience at the hands of a pick-pocket.

Travelers wearing our apparel have stopped dozens of pick-pocket attempts around the world.

Clothing Arts clothing is high-tech clothing for urban travel and outdoor exploration, which stands head and shoulders above the competition. Actually, in our opinion, they have no competition.

George "Chief Cook" Basch was one of Clothing Arts' early adopters, and has been wearing their durable and secure clothing on his many trips to Nepal, as well as on other adventures from A to Z (Austria to New Zealand); most recently into the Altai Mountains of Mongolia.

Rugged, stylish and secure, the Clothing Arts line is both "Adventure Gear" and "Urban Travel Gear", and incredibly secure - the line is dubbed Pick Pocket Proof, and it is - Since their first release in 2009, they have stopped dozens of pick-pocket attempts – which they know about!

Click on Clothing Art's logo and browse their wonderful line.

When you buy put in the code stoveproject and get a discount of 15% of your entire order (and they make a HUGE donation to the Himalayan Stove Project - they just cover their costs). They have flat shipping rates - $5 in the US, $10 to Canada and $15 to the rest of the world

Get a great deal for yourself and help the Himalayan Stove Project.

#5 - Mike O’Shea – the Wild Irish Adventurer

OUR FRIENDS IN IRELAND know Mike – he’s the driving force behind the Ice Project and other incredible adventures around the world. We’re introducing him here because he’s raising money from his global network of friends for the Himalayan Stove Project.

Here's Mike in his own words.

Having seen a picture of a lady cooking in a home in Nepal without a plume of smoke surrounding her initially got me interested in the Himalayan Stove Project and the amazing benefits it brings to individuals, families and communities by reducing respiratory issues, enabling families to share the cooking area and in some communities by creating loan schemes by funds raised from the stoves in that specific community.

The additional effect on the local environment, a reduction by 75% of timber burnt, less localised erosion and flooding, it’s really a no brainer. The Nepalese are an amazingly proud and hard working nation of people, yet we don’t realise that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the World, its currently rated 153 out of 183 (World Bank), Supporting these proud people and their country is a very special privilege that is provided to all of us by The Himalayan Stove Project. Instead of that never-to-be-used Christmas present or gift that will never be seen once taken from the wrapper, or as I did lately I purchased one for a friend’s funeral instead of flowers, now a family will benefit every day, think about buying forward and helping a family that you may never meet or see, but know that you have changed a whole families lives forever!!!!

Mike’s words are heartfelt and inspiring, and based on his personal experience - when he and a team of other Wild Irish Adventurers trekked in to Everest Basecamp in October 2014 they had a chance to see Himalayan Stove project stoves in use; transforming families lives.

Mike will be reaching out to many of you personally to encourage you to support our work, during this time when a generous group of supporters have put up a large "Matching Fund" so that your contributions will be doubled.

Here’s some more about Mike, for those of you who don’t know him, yet:

The Ice Project is an ambitious project by Mike O’ Shea and Clare O’ Leary to walk across all the major Ice Caps in the World. So far the team have successfully crossed the North Patagonian Icecap, Lake Baikal, the Southern Kilimanjaro Icecap and Greenland.

Learn more about the Ice Project here

And more about Mike here

And he’s a Hollywood Celebrity also - Mountain Safety Team Leader for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

#6 - Makalu Clean #CookStove Initiative

This initiative was inspired by Kit DesLauriers, one of the star athletes of the North Face Global Athlete Team, and the first woman to ski Mt. Everest (and the first person to ski all the 7 Summits), and supported by her friends and climbing partners whose lives have also been enriched by the people and mountains of Nepal, with additional support for this initiative by The North Face.

The first stage of this initiative has been successfully completed. 25 Clean #CookStoves were delivered in August to the upper reaches of the Makalu Base Camp Trek, at elevations up to 14,000 feet, after an arduous 6-day porter-carry from the road head.

#7 - Amazon Smile

If you shop on Amazon, you can support the Himalayan Stove Project/Paul Basch Memorial Foundation by signing up for Amazon Smile (at no cost to you, and a nice benefit to us). Follow this link to sign up. Then when you shop on Amazon (through the Amazon Smile page – which is linked to your “regular” Amazon page – same wish list and everything else) – the Amazon Foundation makes a contribution to our project.

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